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Are you looking for a reliable trading company for specialty chemicals? A trustworthy supplier that can offer you certainty in terms of price and quality, along with just-in-time precision? We are all that. But with TER Chemicals you get far more than just a competent distributor. With our expertise, we are able to offer you comprehensive advice on product development. Which material has the optimum properties? Which formula leads to the desired product result? We are at home in a broad range of areas of application and can work with you to find the right solution.



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When it comes to procurement too, TER Chemicals’ vast experience and global presence works to your advantage: Rapid goods availability thanks to the broad portfolio we keep in stock and constant market-oriented prices are a matter of course for us. For the purposes of planning and product security, we publish raw materials forecasts (for imports) and give specification guarantees. For our key accounts, we are even happy to procure entire annual contingents. In such cases we determine payment deadlines for our customers individually based on the context. In addition, we hedge transactions, where relevant by means of currency hedging and with credit insurances (Euler Hermes). It is this level of care, not least, along with strict quality management, part of which involves recurring supplier audits (for imports), that has made us an importer of global renown.

Sales and marketing

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As experts in the market for raw materials, specialty chemicals and their formulations, we are able to use our knowledge to advise and support you with product launches and market expansions. This includes evaluating the competition, producing market reports and assessing market potential, as well as carrying out effective online marketing (www.lanuco.de) or attending trade shows. Thanks to our strong market penetration, in this area we have particularly good customer access in Europe. For our services in sales and marketing, we employ a specialist team – consisting of Key Supplier Management, Product Management and Account Management – with employees who stand out for their solid subject knowledge and excellent communication skills.