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During the summer months, sales of beverages in retail and restaurants increase significantly, as does the demand for the raw foodstuffs required for production of this range of refreshments. We offer a variety of these raw materials from one source, saving you time and money and reducing the impact on the environment through combined transportation. We consider ourselves a partner to industry and would therefore like to give you a small insight into the range of products and the market situation for the raw materials for beverages we supply.


Ingredients for beverages


This muscle stimulant optimizes multiple metabolic processes in the human body and is an essential ingredient of any energy drink.

Last year prices for this raw material have been very high. Thanks to the introduction of a new producer at the beginning of the year, the market is now slowly starting to move again. We are therefore seeing lower prices than in 2018 right now, although in China there is currently speculation about a price rise in September.


Caffeine wakes us up by stimulating muscle and heart activity as well as respiration and metabolism. Since there are sufficient goods available on the market for the moment, the price is currently stable at a relatively low level. 


Glucuronolactone improves the human body’s ability to excrete numerous toxins, which makes it a must in any energy drink along with caffeine and taurine.

The price has long remained at a stable level.

Sucralose E 955

This sweetener and taste enhancer is 600 times sweeter than household sugar.

For weeks now, the price of this substance has remained stable at a very low level. We do not expect to see any major fluctuations this year, and we can also rule out any shortages for the time being since there are currently sufficient goods on the market.

As with all products from China, here time will tell how the smaller manufacturers fare in this price war and whether there will be further state-managed production shutdowns.

Acesulfame K E950

Acesulfame K E950 is 200 times sweeter than household sugar and virtually calorie-free.

There are concerns that the price of this product is set to rise over the next few months. Some Asian producers have had to shut down their production due to environmental constraints and there are likely to be smaller quantities available in the market. Nevertheless, we can breathe easy: Our direct sources for procurement of acesulfame K E950 have not been subject to any shutdowns thus far and we can look ahead confidently to the next few months.

Aspartame E 951

This sweetener is 200 times sweeter than household sugar and virtually calorie-free.

Due to the currently very high demand in the market, producers have been indicating their limited capacities and supply quantities over the coming months, hence we expect to see rising prices and longer lead times. We therefore advise planning your requirements for the year and covering them promptly.

Saccharin / sodium saccharin E 954

Saccharin was discovered back in 1879 and is the oldest artificial sweetener.

Due to its current scarcity in the market, prices are at a high level. We are not expecting to see prices fall in the short term.

Cyclamate / sodium cyclamate E 952

This sweetener represents an optimum enhancement to the taste profile of saccharin. The prices for cyclamate are currently stable.

Alongside the products listed here, our range also includes a number of other items, such as stevia, ascorbic acid and vitamin E. Please feel free to contact me for further information or take a look at our website.

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