TER Chemicals is nominated for the German Sustainability Award

We are pleased to announce our nomination for the German Sustainability Award. The expert jury has chosen our company among the pioneers of transformation in the category of chemical and material trade. With 2,000 guests, 150 speakers, the prize will be awarded for the 16th time together with the Ministry of the Environment and the DIHK in November to particularly exemplary committed companies. Nominees are companies that accelerate the transformation to a sustainable society with ambition, courage and innovative strength through exemplary achievements.

We are proud of our nomination and to be able to participate in this competition!


Europe's largest award for ecological and social commitment

Chemical distributors have an important role to play in the sustainable transformation. A particularly important lever here is our product portfolio and the sustainable, transparent supply chain. For this reason, the DNP jury pays particular attention to these aspects and analyzes a wide range of criteria for the nominated companies. These include compliance with human rights at our suppliers and upstream producers, as well as the implementation of sustainable and innovative product solutions that support climate-neutral cycles. In addition to ecological aspects, the jury also considers social aspects and how these are made transparent. For this reason, the analysis and documentation of distributors is also analyzed and evaluated within the framework of the Supply Chain Act.


Our contribution to a sustainable future

Sustainability is a major and important goal that we pursue every day. For example, we offer advanced PVC products in our product range that enable a reduction of the CO2 footprint by 50-90%. With transparency and commitment, we ensure sustainable supply chains and analyze the risks along our supply chains very closely. Sustainability is also firmly anchored in the organization and can be experienced, for example through Coroprate volunteering activities such as planting trees in the Hamburg area or actively supporting charitable organizations. By giving their blood donation to the German Red Cross in the company's conference rooms, 39 employees and managers recently showed their social commitment at the company's headquarters in August.