Sustainable solutions

More than ever, the Responsible Care Initiative makes an important contribution to sustainability. The constant improvement of healthcare, environmental protection, occupational-, product- and transport safety, as well as ongoing dialog with the stakeholders concerned are top priorities. The initiative of the German Chemical Industry Association e.V. (VCI), together with the German Chemical Trade Association (VCH), has already been able to bring about positive change in the chemical industry around the globe. The successes are demonstrated by the Responsible Care Initiative, which makes an important contribution to sustainable solutions in today's business and consumer world. Learn more about this year's program and its associated goals!

Chemical distributors and logistics companies acting responsibly

Sustainability management is an essential part of TER Chemicals' corporate strategy to contribute to a better future for people and the environment. Sustainable economic, ecologic and social strategies are the cornerstone of our commitment to our claim to continuous performance improvement at every stage. A work environment that not only promotes personal and economic development, but also ensures equality and allows zero tolerance for unethical, corrupt or immoral behavior is implemented as a fundamental corporate orientation. From our point of view, sustainability represents a dynamic development which is driven, refined and made comprehensible with the help of new approaches. Therefore, also within the framework of the Ecovadis TfS initiative, our CSR activities are measured at regular intervals and we derive further future measures from them.

Learn more about our silver award in 2021 here!

About the Responsible Care Initiative

For many years, the RC Initiative has committed national and international companies to meet six areas of responsibility on their own authority, so that industrial chemistry and chemical trade also take into account the concerns of employees, neighbors and the environment and thus remains safe.

The six areas of action are as follows:

  • Leadership culture within the company
  • Protection of people and the environment
  • Strengthening management systems
  • Involvement of relevant business partners
  • Consideration of affected stakeholders
  • Contribution to sustainability

Responsible Care Annual Report 2021

Progress towards achieving the goals of the Responsible Care program is continually monitored and documented by an independent and knowledgeable third party to ensure that potential for further protection measures in the handling and treatment of chemicals does not go unnoticed. The “Responsible Care 2021” annual report examines the absolute values of the Responsible Care performance indicators. In October 2021, 75 companies were involved in the program. In order to be able to draw conclusions about the development, the values ​​were compared with those of the previous years.

You can find the full Responsible Care Annual Report 2021 here.

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