Spring portfolio update

Here at TER Chemicals, we offer you high-quality products for a broad range of applications. We have expanded our portfolio for you once again and offer optimal solutions for excellent and cost-effective cleaning and disinfection this spring. Read on for more details!

Highly effective cleaning and disinfection

Expansion of our TERquest portfolio

The TERquest products are synergistic formulations for effective prevention of scaling in aqueous systems. Use of the products from the TERquest series keep cations in solution that would otherwise result in mineral deposits on the internal walls of the liquid-carrying elements. These deposits prevent efficient energy exchange between the system and the environment.

In order to avoid extensive and time-consuming descaling processes, the cations responsible must be kept in the solution, to ensure continuous production.

Areas of application for phosphonates include use as water hardness stabilizers in detergents and cleaning agents and as antiscalants in water cooling systems and desalination plants. Furthermore, TERquest products are also available in drinking water quality and are used not only in the treatment of water-bearing systems, but also in the conditioning of the feed water of reverse osmosis systems.

We have expanded our existing portfolio of phosphonate-based complexing agents with our TERquest H-630, which is the tetrasodium salt of HEDP, a yellowish, transparent liquid with an active content of approx. 30% based on the HEDP salt. The liquid dosage form makes the product easier to measure out and saves you from having to dissolve the granules.

Expansion of our portfolio of complexing agents

New features of our portfolio include the complexing agents TERquest GLDA (tetrasodium N,N-bis(carboxylatomethyl)-L-glutamate) and TERquest MGDA 40% (methylglycine diacetic acid trisodium salt).

The products complex metal ions and keep them in solution to prevent deposits on e.g. water-bearing elements. Areas of application are therefore water treatment plants, cooling circuits, boiler water treatment, etc. The liquids allow easy and accurate dosage in your process.

We offer TERquest GLDA in two concentration levels, with active content of 38% and 47%.

In your process, use of the products TERquest GLDA and TERquest MGDA 40% offers you the following advantages:

  • Produced from bio-based materials
  • Good biodegradability

Kyrosan for cooling towers

With rising outside temperatures, the cooling towers, evaporative cooling systems and wet separators in many industrial plants and power stations are being ramped up again. Here, water treatment to ensure optimum cooling water quality is at the heart of a trouble-free cooling tower system.

The moist climate inside the cooling tower provides optimum growth conditions for slime-forming bacteria and fungi. These biofilm deposits not only reduce energy transfer and thus the efficiency of the process, but also enable pathogenic bacteria to form, posing a risk to the health of employees. For water preparation and thus to prevent the abovementioned undesirable biofilm formation, we offer the oxidizing biocide KYROSAN, which scores points for its efficient and advantageous cooling water disinfection.

KYROSAN works like a strong disinfectant, reliable fighting microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae even in low concentration ranges. Legionella in particular is effectively eliminated according to DIN EN 13623, even with economical application quantities. KYROSAN is based on the active agent chlorine dioxide and, as a broad-spectrum biocide, supports the hygienic operation of cooling towers, recooling plants and evaporative cooling systems in accordance with the VDI 2047-2 guideline and the 42nd Federal Immission Protection Ordinance.

The product can be used within a broad temperature and pH range and scores points for its ease of use. It is supplied as a single liquid component that allows chlorine dioxide to be formed directly in the cooling water.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Very high active content, economical dosage
  • Effective cleaning of biofilms and microorganisms in all kinds of industrial water
  • Highly effective against legionella pursuant to DIN EN 13623
  • No development of resistance, no change of biocide necessary
  • Non-flammable, non-explosive and therefore meets the highest operational safety requirements
  • Stable in storage for at least six months
  • The installation of a chlorine dioxide plant or the mixing of a stock solution from two components is completely eliminated

If you have any further technical questions or would like samples, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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