Fision® GlowPlex

Your skin looks tired at this dark time of year, is stressed by cold and heated air and longs for summer freshness? Recover your inner radiance with the innovative and patent-pending active ingredient blend Fision® GlowPlex. Read on and find out more!

The multi-target mechanism: What’s behind it?

Fision® GlowPlex

The blend of niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, coupled with natural pea peptides as well as peptides from the power-food quinoa, is the ideal combination to optimally reach all layers of the skin – from the epidermis to the melanocyte.

Fision® GlowPlex noticeably evens out the skin’s appearance by visually minimizing hyperpigmentation and skin irregularities. It also promotes the skin’s natural glow as well as its luminous radiance, with studies showing visibly positive results after just seven days.

This all-rounder is also versatile: Whether in skin or body care products or decorative cosmetics, the complex of active ingredients is convincing in a wide variety of end uses. 

The usage concentration of this vegan, palm-free, and China-listed multi-talent is 1-5%.

Convince yourself and send tired skin into hibernation thanks to Fision® GlowPlex.

You can find more information and studies on the effectiveness of Fision® GlowPlex here.

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