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TER Chemicals is continually expanding its product portfolio in order to meet the increasing consumer demand for innovative ingredients. We are proud that in SHENZHEN SIYOMICRO BIO-TECH CO., LTD we have found an innovative partner for our Business Unit Life Science to help us expand our cosmetics portfolio. Today we’re taking a look at the cell-repairing product SYTOIN™. Find out more!

The multifunctional ingredient with skin-protecting properties: SYTOIN™ 

All-round problem-free care for stressed skin

Irritated skin needs plenty of care and protection to be able to better cope with stresses from outside influences. This is precisely where the COSMOS-certified SYTOIN™ (INCI: Ectoin) comes in. The multifunctional amino acid derivative is produced biotechnologically in a fermentation process.

The raw material was first discovered in Egypt’s salt desert landscape and is part of the group known as extremolytes. Even under these extreme desert conditions with their high temperatures as well as enormous UV radiation and high salt content, Ectoin displays its protective properties. This protective effect is also evident in dermal conditions.

SYTOIN™ at a glance

As a component of skin care products, SYTOIN™ improves resistance in cells and protects them from UV-induced damage. It also provides long-lasting moisture and protects against inflammatory reactions in the skin. The cell-repairing properties and protection against light-induced skin damage make SYTOIN™ an ideal active ingredient for sun protection and after-sun products. What’s more, SYTOIN™ can also be used in hand disinfection formulas to achieve a soothing effect.  

Product name




Dosage form

White granular-crystalline powder

Shelf life

2 years

Application concentration

0.2 – 2%



Areas of application

Skin care, sunscreen and after-sun products

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