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The broad product portfolio of TER Chemicals offers exclusively for you the optimal basis for precise work. In addition to high-performance specialties for metalworking to basic products, you will also find various additives for the lubricant industry. Read on and let yourself be inspired by the versatility of our products!

Insight into our portfolio for more performance

Phosphonates for water hardness stabilization and complex formation

Due to their chemical structure, phosphonates can act as water hardness stabilizers and complexing agents in a wide variety of applications, preventing lime and mineral deposits. Consequently, efficient performance of processes in the purification and water treatment industry is ensured. Due to the dispersing effect of phosphonates, impurities and dirt particles remain stabilized. Phosphonates are used as corrosion inhibitors, as peroxide stabilizers and for process water treatment.

Phosphonates are also used in the building materials, paper and textile industries, as additives in cleaning agents and to bind heavy metal ions.

Under the name TERquest we offer different phosphonates, with high temperature and hydrolysis stability, which can be used in acidic as well as alkaline conditions.

  • TERquest A-500: ATMP
  • TERquest A-550: ATMP Na5
  • TERquest D-500: DTPMP
  • TERquest D-571: DTPMP Na7
  • TERquest H-600: HEDP
  • TERquest H-640: HEDP Na4
  • TERquest P-500: PBTC

All-rounder adipic acid

Adipic acid is a dicarboxylic acid and an important intermediate in the production of the polyamide nylon and various diesters. High-boiling esters of adipic acid can be used as plasticizers in PVC. Likewise, adipic acid is used as a raw material for the synthesis of polyester polyols.

Adipic acid is used as an additive in flue gas desulfurization to accelerate the absorption of sulfur dioxide and increase the separation efficiency of limestone scrubbers.

In addition, adipic acid is used as a corrosion protection additive in water-miscible lubricants and in rinsing baths for corrosion-sensitive parts.

Polyalkylene glycols as base oils with a high viscosity index

Polyalkylene glycols belong to group V of base oils and are characterized by good lubricating properties, high viscosity index and good temperature stability.

They are hardly volatile at high temperatures, and are suitable for low- and high-temperature applications. Polyalkylene glycols are available as water-soluble and non-water-soluble grades in different viscosities. The higher viscosity grades are NSF listed.

Polyalkylene glycols are used in lubricants, greases, fire-resistant hydraulic oils, lubricants for the food industry, quenchants, process aids in the textile industry and plasticizers in plastics, among other applications.

Phenoxyethanol as an additive in the metalworking industry

Phenoxyethanol is a synthetic preservative. It prevents the infestation of microorganisms in products. Phenoxyethanol protects against bacteria, yeasts and molds.

Phenoxyethanol is used, among other things, in water-miscible cooling lubricants or metalworking fluids.

Our standard grade has an active content of 99.5% with a maximum of 10 ppm phenolic content.

Hordaflam 70R as flame retardant with high chloride content

Hordaflam 70 R can be used as a flame retardant, especially in rubber, plastics and paint applications, and can also help improve tear resistance.

Good to know: Due to stricter regulations for European registrants, shortages of long-chain chlorinated paraffins are also expected on the European market in the near future. Among other things, this will also affect the availability of Hordaflam 70 R on the European market. In cooperation with our supplier, we will nevertheless be able to offer Hordaflam 70 R in the future.

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