Upcycling trend in cosmetics

A new trend in the cosmetics industry is the quest to upcycle raw materials with the aim of cutting carbon and reducing waste. Here, existing starting materials or by-products are processed in such a way that new, functional substances or active ingredients are created, which saves resources and reduces energy consumption. This is precisely where our new raw material FOAMIN’TEA comes in: a 100 % plant-based upcycled raw material – the natural star among surfactants.

When by-products become the real stars


FOAMIN’TEA with INCI designation Camellia Oleifera Seed Extract is a 100 % natural plant-based powder that is produced as a by-product of tea seed oil extraction.

First, the oil is obtained through cold-pressing the seeds. Then the saponin residues are extracted from the camellia seed cake to obtain a dry extract, which contains more than 60 % saponin and is therefore an excellent natural surfactant.

You can read more interesting facts in the brochure here.

What functions does FOAMIN’TEA perform in the end product?

FOAMIN’TEA has a foaming, cleansing and antimicrobial effect, making it an ideal alternative to conventional surfactants.

The COSMOS-certified raw material can be used in any cleansing products: be it solid soap, shower gel, shampoo, cleansing foam or even toothpaste – it has never been easier to switch to a natural product.

See for yourself and become part of the green movement!

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