Alban Muller International

Hamburg / 29 May 2017 - As new strategic partner of Alban Muller International the TER GROUP expands its portfolio and expertise within the European cosmetics industry.

The French family-run company Alban Muller International was founded by its current president Alban Muller in 1978 and is in the heart of the "Cosmetic Valley" located in the departments of Eure-et-Loir and Loiret. Due to the combination of locally and sustainably obtained raw materials and modern environmentally friendly production methods Alban Muller has been offering innovative and effective primary materials in the areas cosmetics and wellbeing for almost 40 years.

The portfolio includes a wide range of botanical extracts as well as a variety of active ingredients whose performance is supported by respective studies. Especially the unique Zeodoration-Technology enables Alban Muller International to offer its customers certified and natural cosmetics compliant products that have no equal.

With the admission of the distribution of Alban Muller International products TER GROUP underlines its expertise within the cosmetics industry. In addition to the extension of the product portfolio and an extensive knowledge in chemical formulations TER GROUP is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory capacities and is thus able to advise its customers extensively and solution-orientated.

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