Sustainable Partnership

We are delighted to partnering up with Clariant for a sustainable future and Clariant enabling us to extend our portfolio to become more environmentally friendly. Green chemicals for industrial products and technical applications prove that sustainability does not end with cosmetics and food. Green chemicals make it possible to develop formulas for varnishes, paints and surfaces, for example, that are not only more effective but also significantly healthier for people and nature. See for yourself!

A sustainable partnership with Clariant

Green chemicals for paints and varnishes

Action instead of reaction: These days, each and every company must do its part to counter environmental pollution and to reduce its carbon footprint over the long term. For some years now, the term “green chemicals” has been a firm fixture in the chemical industry. Its core principle is to take action within the chemical industry early enough to prevent long-term harm to nature and people.

The basic idea of strengthening sustainability and a sense of responsibility within a chemical company is something that Clariant actively subscribes to. Crucial here is the common understanding of a sustainability strategy, the anchoring of sustainability within the company, up to the development of a future-oriented organization and partnership. With its Mass Balance Approach, Clariant has found a sound way to address sustainability that provides guidance for the long term and for every business decision.

“We value our longstanding, trusting, yet also modern and future-oriented collaboration with TER Chemicals. Together, we are laying the foundations for a green, sustainable and successful future.” says Sven Dammann, Head of Division at Clariant.

For decades Clariant and TER Chemicals have enjoyed an outstanding collaboration and mutual support. Clariant's innovative strength and clear strategy in relation to sustainable product solutions enable TER Chemicals to offer its customers future-oriented products and solutions. The development of new and better products should add value for the environment as well as the customer. This way, we ensure that the products are characterized by safety for employees, customers, the general public and the environment throughout their life-cycle.

Curious? Take a look at the sustainable product portfolio and let yourself be inspired by the power of renewable resources.

Clariant Genamin® Gluco 50

Genamin® Gluco 50 is the only renewable-based VOC/SVOC-free and label-free specialty amine on the market. It consists of 75% bio-based raw materials and is compliant with DIN EN ISO 16000-9 and DIN EN 16516 for SVOC-free paints. With its high performance in functionality and sustainability, it also is the only specialty amine free of VOC/SVOC and labels available on the market. It not only adjusts pH value, but ensures a stable paint system, increases compatibility with other paint components, improves storage stability and inhibits flash rust. Genamin® Gluco 50 is suitable for paints with the criteria from a vast array of eco-labels.

Clariant Genagen® COA

The new coalescing agent Genagen® COA is an oleo-chemical partly based on renewable raw materials and with a boiling point above 250°C. The additive serves the paint industry with a low VOC containing product that can replace other technical products with a lower boiling point. It consists of 58% bio-based carbon and is compliant with DIN EN ISO 16000-9 and DIN EN 16516 for SVOC-free paints. Moreover, if released to the environment accidently, it is biodegradable and does not contain any biocides. The product is free from hazardous materials and complies with the criteria from many European ecolabels. It shows excellent compatibility without compromising on the performance of the formulation for many diverse applications such as interior and façade paints, lacquers as well as wood and industrial coatings.

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