Responsible Care initiative

Sustainable solutions are an increasingly important requirement in today's business and consumer world. More than ever, the chemicals industry is facing higher expectations, including with regard to chemicals distributors and logistics companies. In order to tackle these challenges, Germany’s chemical industry associations, the Verband Chemiehandel (VCH) and the Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V. (VCI), have joined forces through their Responsible Care initiative to raise awareness in the chemicals industry and among chemical traders of responsible conduct in relation to the environment, safety, quality and health. Find out more about the initiative and its goals!

About sustainability management

Sustainability management is more than just a declaration of intent. For TER Chemicals, commitment to ongoing improvements in every phase of storage, handling, transportation and disposal of chemicals is implemented as a definitive and fundamental direction for the company. This has an impact beyond the industry itself, and it is also important to us to link our strategy with decisions based on long-term and future-oriented economic, ecological and social considerations. As part of the Ecovadis TfS initiative, our CSR activities are regularly audited, with further measures subsequently derived from this. In our view, sustainability is a process that is never concluded; rather, it is a dynamic development that we steer, refine, and make tangible for our stakeholders with ever new approaches.

Responsible Care initiative

The Responsible Care initiative provides an important contribution to sustainability, as it stands for continual improvement of healthcare, environmental protection, occupational, product and transport safety, and ongoing dialog with the relevant interest groups. The initiative by the Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V. has already succeeded in bringing about positive change in the chemicals industry around the globe. Numerous national and international companies have been participating actively in the initiative for some years now, and TER Chemicals is no exception. The initiative requires companies to take responsibility in committing to six areas of action to help ensure that industrial chemistry takes into account the needs of employees, neighbors and the environment and thus remains safe.

“Since the launch of the Responsible Care program in the VCH, the industry as a whole has also committed to the goals of this global initiative – namely to efforts towards responsible and sustainable conduct going beyond the statutory requirements.”

- Christian Westphal, President of the Verband Chemiehandel

The six areas of action are as follows:

  • Management culture within the company
  • Protection of people and the environment
  • Strengthening management systems
  • Involvement of relevant business partners
  • Consideration of affected stakeholders
  • Contribution to sustainability

Responsible Care annual report 2020

The demands on the chemicals industry are taken seriously. Progress towards achieving the goals of the Responsible Care program is continually monitored and documented by an independent and knowledgeable third party to ensure that potential for further protection measures in the handling and treatment of chemicals does not go unnoticed. The “Responsible Care 2020” annual report examines the absolute values of the Responsible Care performance indicators. In October 2020, 75 companies were involved in the program. So that conclusions could be drawn about developments, the values were compared with those of the previous year.

Click here to view the full Responsible Care annual report.

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