Surface coatings

Surface coatings not only provide protection, but generally also have a decorative effect. To meet the high demands of paint experts and varnish developers, TER Chemicals offers you an extensive portfolio of high-quality products in the paint and varnish segment for optimum quality in your formulations. Read on and make use of our expertise and our huge range of products: additives with a wide variety of functionalities and properties, colorants (pigments, pigment preparations and dyes), binding agents, fillers and reactive diluents.

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Decorative and protective surface coatings

For lightfast colors

With its Hostaperm® series, Clariant offers organic, high-quality pigments with the best possible light- and weather-fastness properties. They are compatible with a vast number of systems and are used in both automotive and industrial coatings as well as in architectural paints. Those pigments from the Hostaperm® range, which obtained the Eco Tain® label, exceed market standards regarding sustainability and contribute to customers’ efforts in this area. 

Improved formulation workability

Dispersogen® SP Plus is one of the newest products from manufacturer Clariant in the paints and coatings segment, and has been specially developed for biocide-free organosilicate paints. As an additive, Dispersogen® SP Plus works both as a stabilizer and as a dispersant, resulting in improved formulation workability comparable to that of dispersion paints, even over longer storage times. Since Dispersogen® SP Plus requires no hazard labels and is both APEO- and VOC/SVOC-free, Dispersogen® SP Plus is ideal for biocide-free paints with ecolabels.

Antimicrobial additive

Clariants JMACTM LP 10 is an antimicrobial additive based on silver ions. Even low concentrations are sufficient to lastingly inhibit the growth of bacteria in aqueous formulations. Alongside the low toxicity and excellent temperature stability, the application across a broad pH range as well as the conformity with ecolabels make JMACTM LP 10 stand out as in-can preservation.

Wax emulsions

Wax emulsions as additives represent a tried-and-tested way to modify the surface properties of aqueous varnishes and stains.

For example, wax emulsions can provide a water-repellent effect or increase the resistance to scratches and abrasion. With our Albicera product range, we offer a broad selection of different wax emulsions for a wide variety of applications – please contact us for a recommendation.

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