Step by step to more sustainability

Same same but different: Climate change is and remains one of the greatest challenges worldwide – that hasn’t changed. What has changed, however, is the way the issue is dealt with in many companies – and that includes us!

All these are important for a sustainable path

Sustainability and fighting climate change are core elements of our strategy, and we are continuously expanding our activities because every step, big or small, will help.

Our innovation team is looking into sustainable product solutions for you and is analyzing the carbon footprints of our products as it does so. Our marketing team is taking the next step in paperless communication, replacing business cards with v-cards, and our employees have joined our senior management in planting trees for climate protection during the cold month of November.

As part of a large planting campaign, we planted 36 fruit trees and 360 shrubs with WeField e.V., facilitating the campaign not only with helping hands, but also with financial support.

Educating our employees about the relevance of emissions and possible alternatives along the supply chain and making the impact of our actions transparent are key tasks for our sustainability team. We look forward to discussing directly with you what your company’s climate and sustainability strategy looks like. Together we can ascertain the right activities so we can best support you as your distributor of choice in achieving your goals. Don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment.

Transparency in sustainability management

Another important task for greater sustainability is transparency in relation to one’s own strengths and development potentials in sustainability management. For this, we also rely on EcoVadis and are proud to have achieved the silver medal again this year with 64 out of 100 points. TER Chemicals is therefore among the top 25% of companies evaluated by EcoVadis in the sector of chemical distribution. Our efforts have paid off as we have improved significantly, and it is only a small step to the gold medal.

In order to achieve maximum transparency, we will soon proactively share our EcoVadis profile with all customers who are likewise registered on the platform. If you do not participate in EcoVadis but still want to learn more about our sustainability management, we invite you to read our Sustainability Assessment Report.

Any questions? Please contact me!

Wiebke Blankemeyer 
Sustainability Manager

Phone: +49 40 300 501 8156