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To guarantee a perfect result in the field of metalworking, you need high-quality materials and precision work as a basis. TER Chemicals’ portfolio offers you optimal products with great versatility. Read on and let yourself be inspired!

Insights into our portfolio for surface and lubricant technology (SLT)

MIPA (Monoisopropanolamine) – better pricing and availabilities

Thanks to the improved situation with regard to logistics and pricing of raw materials, we are once again able to offer you MIPA as an additive at a good price. Through our warehouses all over Europe, we can offer you a high degree of flexibility for your requirements.

MIPA belongs to the family of alkanolamines and, due to its alkalinity, is used in a wide range of industries, including in cooling lubricants and industrial cleaners.

The additive can be used as a neutralization agent and a pH buffer in metalworking fluids. In addition, MIPA can be added to formulations as a passive corrosion inhibitor in order to limit rust on the workpiece.

New to the portfolio: TER EP 2831

We are delighted to present to you TER ER 2831, a new addition to our SLT portfolio.

This is an EP/AW additive based on a sulfur carrier. The additive is made from a derivative of thiadiazolidine and can be used in your formulations to ensure better performance under extreme conditions and less abrasion on tools.

Sodium sulfonates as emulsifiers for metalworking fluids

We are pleased to continue to offer you high-quality sodium sulfonates for your formulations. As additives in your formulations, these serve as excellent emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors. The products in our portfolio are natural sodium sulfonates, which have the following advantage over synthetic ones: The broader distribution of the molecular weight ensures that the sulfonate can interact better with the oil used, and thus the emulsification capacity is increased.

We offer sodium sulfonates with varying molecular weights. The higher the molecular weight of the sulfonate, the more pronounced the performance as a corrosion inhibitor, whereas the performance as an emulsifier predominates with a lower molecular weight. Accordingly, with the four types we offer, you have a very good selection to get the right sodium sulfonate for your precise requirements.

If you have any further technical questions or would like samples, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dirk Schlatermund
Head of Business Unit SLT

Phone: +49 40 300 501 8144
Mail: d.schlatermund[at]