Cosmetics from red maple

The wood working industry produces large amounts of by-products which bring high potential for further processing.

Cosmetics from red maple

The canadian company Renmatix Inc. is taking advantage of this potential and manufactures a cosmetic active ingredient of the red maples biomass. This ingredient is called Celltice™.

Renmatix utilizes wood chips of North American red maple trees and unlocks Cellulose and Lignin in a patented process. This patented Plantrose® process uses water in its supercritical state to gently pull unmodified Cellulose and Lignin away from its structure.

Celltice™ purposefully delivers a variety of industry leading benefits in personal care, functioning as both an active and an excipient in formulation.

Celltice™ offers emulsifying properties, it acts in a micellar-free pickering mechanism to stabilize the interface of oil and water at low levels.

It is available in two varities:  a coloured Celltice™ NM and uncoloured Type Celltice™ WM.

In addition to the technical functionality Celltice™ offers three key benefits in personal care:

  • Gently fosters skin health
  • Protects against environment stress
  • Enables indulgent textures

TER Chemicals application laboratory has already successfully worked with Celltice™ products. See the latest formulation of a facial cream with Celltice™ WM.

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