Product News - Waxes

Find out about recent price and market developments in the wax industry. We focus on the products FT wax, carnauba wax and candelilla wax.

Product news - waxes

Fischer-Tropsch waxes – finally some easing after a long period of scarcity

After many years of scarcity in this product group, the supply situation has eased once again. The reason for this is the completion of various capacity expansions among established manufacturers. In addition, new producers that have recently entered the market are contributing to the improved availability of Fischer-Tropsch waxes.
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Carnauba wax – harvest time!

This year’s harvest of carnauba wax has started in August. First the leaves of the carnauba palm are harvested, then the wax is obtained from their surfaces. The current harvest season promises to produce similarly good yields to last year, so we expect to see the price of carnauba wax remain stable in the near future. It is only fluctuations in the exchange rate that may influence the price slightly.
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Candelilla wax – supply situation

Global exports from Mexico have to meet certain provisions laid down by local authorities, which has led to a truly tense supply situation over the last few years. For the moment, however, TER Chemicals is able to procure sufficient quantities of the coveted raw material and thus meet its customers’ needs in full. Prices will remain largely stable in the near future. Here too, only slight fluctuations can be expected due to exchange rates.
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