Product news: VESTOSINT

TER Chemicals offers you polyamide 12 powders from Evonik, which are marketed under the brand name VESTOSINT. Due to the special manufacturing process, the powder is characterized by an almost round grain shape. VESTOSINT is suitable for various coating techniques, such as the fluidized bed or mini-coating process. Furthermore, the VESTOSINT fine powders as additives improve the properties of paints and lacquers.

Our VESTOSINT portfolio from Evonik

What is VESTOSINT and how can it be used?

Polyamide 12 powders from Evonik are known under the brand name VESTOSINT. These thermoplastic materials are suitable for coating metals, e.g. using fluidized bed coating processes. In this process, layer thicknesses >300 µm can be applied quickly and homogeneously to the metal component. What is particularly advantageous about this cost-efficient method is the low loss of material and the absence of any solvents.

What advantages does VESTOSINT offer?

VESTOSINT coatings are characterized by high chemical resistance and high impact strength. In addition, the coated material can be effectively protected against corrosion. Due to the smooth and non-porous surface, VESTOSINT coatings are also insensitive to dirt and easy to clean.

In which applications can VESTOSINT be used?

VESTOSINT is particularly suitable for coating of wire products (e.g. dishwashing baskets, shopping trolleys and furniture), parts for the automotive industry, medical items, pipes and valves in water supply and technical items. Due to the optimized grain size distribution of the powder, a pore-free coating is possible. In addition, VESTOSINT can be used as an additive in paint formulations, thereby effectively improving the elasticity and abrasion resistance of the coating. Furthermore, the fine polyamide 12 powder gives the formulation a matting effect.

The VESTOSINT powders are available in different particle sizes and colors. Please contact us for a product recommendation!

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