Power of Cellulose

Cellulose is the most abundant organic material on earth. The demand for natural, environmentally compatible products is growing all the time, and Valida products represent cellulose in a sustainable form. Valida is a genuine natural alternative for skin care, hair care, sun care, decorative cosmetics, and for home care applications. Read on and be inspired by the diversity of our products!

The miracle of natural cosmetics

How does Valida work?

The Valida product range contains the smallest cellulose components, so-called cellulose fibrils. Dispersed in water, the fibrils form a stable, three-dimensional cellulose fiber network by physically binding particles or oil droplets. The trapped oil droplets form an oil-in-water emulsion that also remains stable without the addition of an emulsifier.

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Application and properties of Valida

Valida can be used in various product applications. The Valida products exhibit thixotropic rheological behavior, which means that particles are stabilized in a formulation that has almost the same viscosity as water. That makes Valida particularly suitable for sprayable applications. This differs in principle from conventional stabilizers such as CMC or similar, which keep particles from sedimenting by way of thickening. Increasing the proportion of cellulose in the formulation can also increase viscosity slightly.

Other properties and benefits:

  • Stabilized formulations
  • Film-forming properties
  • No phase separation
  • Sprayable
  • Vertical cling
  • Synergy with other thickening agents
  • Compatible with electrolytes and solvents
  • Light skin feel without stickiness
  • Indirectly boosts lash volume
  • Some products COSMOS-certified

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Valida and the fibrillar cellulose content

The content of fibrillar cellulose is a crucial part of the processing of Valida to ensure the best use of the product properties. The Valida products are available as paste (8% fibrillar cellulose) and gel (3% fibrillar cellulose). What is the best way to process Valida products?

Valida Formulating Tips.

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