Partnership: Exxon

The long-term collaboration between TER Chemicals and Exxon is further strengthened. After seeing a positive development with constant growth, we are delighted that TER Chemicals is expanding its product portfolio to include Exxon Elevast polymer modifiers.

Polymer modifiers: strong partnership with Exxon

The Exxon Elevast products are special liquid hydrocarbons that are used as polymer modifiers. These non-crystalline products are notable for their ability to change the performance attributes of the finished product and the nature of the process for the better. The modification makes the finished materials softer and more flexible and gives them greater ultimate strength. At the same time, the thickness of the material and the visual qualities are preserved. The parameters in processing are affected in such a way that the flow properties and cycle times are improved and thus energy consumption reduced. Dependent on application and treat rates.

“The Elevast polymer modifiers stand out for their superb technical qualities and are an important element of our distribution portfolio. We are delighted that we are now able to further consolidate and expand the partnership with Exxon,” says Dr. Marwan Zein, Senior Product Manager at TER Chemicals.

Areas of application for polymer modifiers include a variety of plastic products that require a high degree of flexibility and material thickness at the same time, such as cables and hoses. 

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