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Are you looking for products that are perfectly suited to the construction industry? The diverse new arrivals in our product portfolio are just what you need! Using these products brings advantages such as resistance to freeze-thaw cycles, but they also enable a high level of performance with easy workability. Read on to find out more!

Our extensive portfolio for you to use

Clariant Hostapur® and Genapol® air entraining agents

Our extensive air entraining agent portfolio includes, among others, the Clariant products Hostapur® and Genapol®. These offer various advantages depending on the area of application: In cement, they increase resistance to freeze-thaw cycles by introducing a network of air bubbles. In mortars and gypsum pastes, meanwhile, they result in lower weight and improved insulating properties.

Ferro Coal Black 326 

The new Coal Black 326 pigment from Ferro is ideally suited to coloring all cement-based formulations. It achieves optimal results particularly when used in white or gray grout materials. Coal Black 326, a manganese ferrite black spinel (PBk26), offers excellent dark black tinting, ease of processing and high performance in application, making it the reference pigment of choice whenever deep blackness is required in cement formulations. Coal Black 326 has the highest color strength of all available inorganic black pigments. The product is easily dispersed and shows no flocculation problems.

Expanded graphite as halogen-free flame retardant additive

With expanded graphite from the firm Georg H. Luh, TER Chemicals offers you an effective, halogen-free flame retardant additive that slows the spread of fire and counteracts the spread of toxic gases and smoke. The abrupt expansion of the graphite layers during exposure to heat creates a protective intumescent layer on the surface. The possible applications are manifold and range from seals for fire doors and windows, cable penetrations and pipe penetrations, to rigid foam panels and insulating foams.

Sepiolsa rheology modifier

With the Rheoplus series from Sepiolsa, TER Chemicals provides you with wide range of rheology-modifying additives for the construction industry. Rheoplus is manufactured in Spain based on sepiolite and attapulgite clays and, due to the pseudoplasticity, thixotropic behavior and large surface area of the additive, contributes to improved workability, adhesionand surface finishes of concrete, mortar, gypsum and cement.

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