New arrivals for paints and coatings

With TER Chemicals, you will find high-quality paint and varnish products for excellent quality. Our perfectly matched components can optimally enrich your decorative paints and metal and wood coatings. Be inspired by our new products and learn more about our innovative solutions.

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New arrivals for metal coatings

Eagacryl-162 is a fine particle size styrene acrylic dispersion that is designed for coatings requiring outstanding corrosion, water, and humidity resistance. This product offers excellent adhesion to various metals and provides a high gloss finish, making it ideal for use in a variety of applications, including anti-corrosion and DTM (direct-to-metal) applications, metal finishes, clear coats, and primers. Additionally, Eagacryl-162 is freeze/thaw stable. This versatile product is suitable for use in a range of industrial and commercial settings, making it a preferred option for durable and reliable coatings solution.

Acrylic dispersion for wood coatings

Eagacryl-6121 is a highly transparent, colorless, surfactant-free acrylic dispersion designed for water-based wood coatings. Its exceptional chemical resistance and excellent block resistance make it an ideal choice for clear coats. Additionally, Eagacryl-6121 offers excellent hardness, ensuring a durable and long-lasting finish. Overall, Eagacryl-6121 is a versatile, high-performance acrylic dispersion that is well-suited for a wide range of wood coating applications.

Innovative solutions for sustainable decorative paints

Clariant offers a broad variety of suitable products for sustainable paint formulations. Dispersogen® SP Plus for example acts both as a stabilizer as well as a dispersant in biocide-free organosilicate paints, resulting in improved formulation workability comparable to that of dispersion paints, even over longer storage times. For waterborne pigment preparations Dispersogen Flex 100 and Dispersogen PLF 100 are available, which effect excellent tinting strengths and long shelf lives.

Genamin Gluco 50 is based on renewable feedstock, can be used as neutralizing as well as dispersing agent and also improve the tinting strength and compatibility of the formulation.

All mentioned products are label-free and free of VOC or contain only a very low amount of VOC and therefore comply even with the strictest ecolabel requirements.

Cellulose ethers for water-based paints

Furthermore, we offer with the MHEC and HEC grades of SE Tylose, cellulose ethers that optimize paint formulations through thickening effects, water retention and protective colloid effects. Due to these versatile properties, cellulose ethers are used in water-based paints for walls and facades.

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