Nature at your fingertips

Natural hydrocolloids have become indispensable ingredients in natural cosmetics. Whether as an emulsion stabilizer, consistency enhancer, suspending agent or texture booster, NB-GEL CS 11 shines as an all-round talent and supports the trends of clean beauty and minimalism: a raw material that combines many properties and possibilities. Reduce the long list of ingredients in your formulation today!

NB-GEL CS 11 is the all-round talent for your next formulation

One raw material – many properties

The powdered NB-GEL CS 11 with the INCI Sclerotium Gum is a 100% natural, COSMOS-certified biopolymer obtained through the fermentation of sugars with strains of Sclerotium Rolfsii. The carbohydrate and protein sources resulting from this are entirely of vegetable origin and are filtered and settled. The mass obtained is separated, rinsed, pressed, dried and grounded. The resulting odorless, light-colored powder is our vegan raw material NB-Gel CS 11, with unbeatable stabilizing properties that provides a pleasantly soft skin feel.

Broad range of applications

Due to its extreme versatility, NB-GEL CS 11 is an absolute must-have in the field of texturizers and should be an ingredient in any personal care product. It is stable over a wide pH range and the ionization ensures good compatibility with other raw materials in the formulation. This means that essential oils, minerals and raw materials with an acidic pH can be incorporated without any problems.

The moisturizing superstar is equally dazzling in every area of application, be it hair styling, body care, sun protection and/or decorative cosmetic formulations, enabling transparent formulations with an application concentration of just 0.25-2%.

When we tell you that you will never want NB-GEL CS 11 to be missing from your formulation again, we mean it – see for yourself!

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