Naturally through the spring

SonneNatural™ sets new standards in the area of emollients: As a natural alternative to petrolatum, this product range offers a broad spectrum of sensory and rheological properties, as well as moisture retention and skin protection. Meet the requirements for leave-on or rinse-off formulations to stay bang on trend – and “naturally perfect”. Read on to find out more!

“Perfectly natural” and “naturally perfect” go hand in hand

SonneNatural™ – nature’s best emollients

Vaseline is known for its many advantages and has therefore been a core part in personal care and pharmaceutical industries for decades. As consumers continue to require highly effective emollients and moisture-retaining ingredients, the desire for purely plant-based alternatives predominates. This is exactly where the SonneNatural™ product range comes in, with INCI: Vegetable Oil (Olus Oil), made from 100% natural, renewable sources.

A versatile product with a broad range of applications

SonneNatural™ impresses for its creamy texture and keeps skin soft and smooth. From skin and haircare formulations to shaving care, the entire product range is suitable for a variety of applications and convinces as an all-round talent.

Make your formulation “perfectly natural” by choosing the right SonneNatural™ product.

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