Natural plant extracts and hydrolates

TER Ingredients is expanding its product portfolio in Europe and now distributes raw materials from its new partner Blue Sky Botanics, an innovative, leading European producer of authentic, natural botanical ingredients for the cosmetic, beverage and food industries. Read on to learn more.

Exclusive partnership with Blue Sky Botanics

From the single raw material to the bespoke blend

The extensive portfolio is produced from numerous fresh or dried herbs, flowers, fruits, vegetables and even seaweed using various carrier mediums. The result is organic and COSMOS-certified individual, plant-based active ingredients or customized blends:

  • aqueous and/or glycerin-based extracts
  • oil-based extracts
  • hydrolates/distillates
  • purees

For more detailed information, please take a look at the brochures:

Importance of sustainability and upcycling

The raw materials are produced in line with stringent quality standards with full traceability of the ingredients. Furthermore, Blue Sky Botanicals is also passionately committed to sustainability, environmental protection, and promoting biodiversity. In 2020, for example, the company was able to cut its carbon emissions from power consumption by 75 % by switching to renewable energy sources. On top of this, botanical waste is used to fertilize organic farmland.

Blue Sky Botanics also skillfully transforms a selection of botanical ingredients that are a waste byproduct of food raw material production into high-quality extracts for use as cosmetic ingredients, and is thus setting an example for the upcycling trend.

Did you know? The Organic Baobab Fruit Purée from Blue Sky Botanics was selected as a finalist in the category “Best Ingredient Innovation” at the World Food Innovation Awards in 2022. The ready-to-use baobab fruit puree, which was specially developed for food and beverage manufacturers, contains a particularly high proportion of prebiotic fiber. It creates a unique mouth feel and supports a variety of product applications, including smoothies and juices, ice cream, yoghurt, and products rich in energy and fiber.

More about baobab handout.

Are you looking for a new plant extract for use in cosmetics or in food products? Then please feel free to contact us!

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