Metalworking multi-talents

For metalworking, we offer you efficient additives and emulsifiers, which are ideal for use in acid cleaners, among other things. Our range here includes long and short-chain Hordaphos types, metalworking fluids, solubilisers/hydrotropes and ZDDP. Read on and allow yourself to be inspired by the diversity of our products!

Multi-talents with a wide range of applications

Phosphoric acid esters 

Under the name Hordaphos, we offer long and short-chain phosphoric acid esters suitable for use in various different areas.

Benefits of phosphoric acid esters at a glance:

  • multifunctional
  • anti-corrosive                                                                   
  • emulsifying properties
  • reduction of surface tension
  • anti-static effect
  • improvement of wear-and-tear protection
  • cleaning booster
  • dispersing agent for inorganic pigments

The short-chain Hordaphos types are particularly recommended for use in acid cleaners, as they are not only anti-corrosive but also boost the cleaning effect. This means that the addition of further surfactants can be reduced, which has a positive impact on the environment and the cost of the formulation. Following neutralization, they can also be used in neutral and alkaline cleaners and improve the anti-corrosive action of the formulation.

Long-chain Hordaphos types are suitable as additives for use in the textile industry to reduce the anti-static effect and thus improve the slip properties of yarns and fibers, but can also be used to improve the EP/AW properties in metalworking fluids.

Multifunctional non-labeled, low-foaming emulsifiers for metalworking fluids

Stricter requirements in terms of health and environmental protection make it necessary to constantly further develop additives for the metalworking industry.

With the multifunctional EMULSOGEN MTP emulsifiers, Clariant offers products that are characterized by particularly low foaming behavior and freedom from labeling.

Classic non-ionic emulsifiers become cloudy when stored at lower temperatures and have to be heated and homogenized before use, which leads to higher energy costs and a risk to occupational safety due to the handling of hot containers.

The products in the Emulsogen MTP series score points for:

  • improved low temperature stability
  • low foaming tendency or rapid foam degradation
  • freedom from labeling
  • WGK 1
  • high soap scum dispersing capacity
  • very good emulsifier effect (various HLBs)
  • good solubility in mineral oils, vegetable oils and esters
  • global registration

Hydrotropic surfactants/solubilizers – indispensable ingredients in concentrates

In the development of detergents and cleaning agents, the trend is towards highly concentrated formulations, so-called concentrates. These offer the advantage that less water is shipped and the end user can determine the concentration they want.

However, formulation of concentrates is challenging with regard to their solubility, viscosity and temperature stability, so use of solubilizers/hydrotropes is essential. Hydrotropes can clarify cloudy formulations, since they raise the cloud point of non-ionic surfactants. Because of their surfactant character, they have wetting and cleansing properties, and their structure means they can mix with surfactants and integrate micelles.

Hostaphat OPS products act as solubilizers for non-ionic surfactants in high pH ranges and at high salt loads. They also improve corrosion protection on aluminum, zinc and iron at high pH values.

What else is new?

ZDDP Zinc-dialkyldithiophosphate – wear-and-tear protection at its best

The main use of ZDDP is as an anti-wear additive in lubricants, e.g. greases, hydraulic oils and engine oils. Due to its polarity, it adheres well to metal surfaces and reduces wear. ZDDP also helps with corrosion protection in metalworking and is ubiquitous in lubricant formulations.

TER Chemicals offers two kinds of ZDDP, which differ in the alkyl chain but also in the contents of zinc, phosphorus and sulfur.

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