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Effective corrosion inhibition with HEUCOPHOS®

As varied corrosion inhibitors, HEUCOPHOS® products from Heubach GmbH offer an excellent alternative to conventional zinc phosphate in both water- and solvent-based systems. For universal applications, the zinc-free HEUCOPHOS® CMP based on calcium-magnesium-orthophosphate can be a long-term solution. As an organically modified zinc orthophosphate hydrate, Heubach GmbH developed HEUCOPHOS® ZPO, which exhibits excellent results in combination with binders such as alkyd resins. For applications in conventional and modern resin systems, Heubach GmbH recommends the HEUCOPHOS® ZCP-Plus, whose chemical basis is a zinc calcium strontium aluminum orthophosphate silicate hydrate.

Polyvinylbutyral as co-binder in corrosion protection coatings

Mowital, produced by Kuraray, is a polyvinyl butyral commonly used as a co-binder in corrosion protection coatings. Mowital films exhibit good adhesion to steel, iron, zinc, aluminum, and other lightweight metals. Additionally, the materials show good compatibility with epoxy, phenolic, and melamine resins. By combining both, the adhesion strength as well as the corrosion protection can be further enhanced. Moreover, these materials are non-toxic, durable, and low in odor. Depending on the desired viscosity, glass transition temperature, and tensile strength, different Mowital types are available to meet the requirements of various applications.

Phenolic resins for metal coating

Phenolic resins from Sumitomo Bakelite Europe NV are used for the corrosion protection of metallic surfaces, due to their high chemical and mechanical resistance. These include coatings for beverage ends, food containers, pet food cans, side seams as well as drum, bucket and can linings.

DUREZ 33160 is a liquid formaldehyde resol with superior strength and flexibility, excellent adhesion to many substrates and enhanced chemical resistance, especially with acidic foods and a light color. DUREZ 37081 is an ethanol-dissolved resol with very high chemical resistance for multi-component stoving metal coatings. DUREZ 37010 is a liquid etherified resin with high reactivity, good chemical resistance, and low monomer content. DUREZ 34071 is a butyl ether resol in butanol with good reactivity, resistance, and flexibility. DUREZ 37130 is a version of DUREZ 34071 with a lower curing temperature. METHYLON 75108 is a mixture of allyl ethers of mono-, di- and trimethyl phenol with excellent chemical resistance.

VESTOSINT® - More than corrosion protection

TER Chemicals offers you polyamide 12 powders from Evonik, which are marketed under the brand name VESTOSINT®. Due to the special manufacturing process, the powder is characterized by an almost round grain shape. VESTOSINT® is suitable for various coating techniques, such as the fluidized bed or mini-coating process. VESTOSINT® coatings have a high chemical resistance and a high impact strength. In addition, the coated material can be effectively protected against corrosion. VESTOSINT® is particularly suitable for coating of wire products (e.g. dishwashing baskets, shopping trolleys and furniture), parts for the automotive industry, medical items, pipes and valves in water supply and technical items.

Transparent protective coatings for electroplated metal surfaces

Aqueous polymer dispersions like Albicera 5322 form transparent films which adhere very well to metal surfaces and provide corrosion protection. Albicera 5322 is especially effective on zinc-plated and chromated parts and is therefore extremely well suited for such electroplated surfaces. It can be used to prevent nickel and other metals from tarnishing, and it can be applied as decorative coating to non-ferrous metals. In addition, it provides excellent water resistance and chemical resistance to acids and many solvents.

Albicera 5322 is completely free from solvents, plasticizers and surfactants and classified as non-hazardous according to CLP.

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