Logistics surcharge

News on the increase of our route-independent logistics surcharge as of June 01, 2022

Dear Business Partner,

The effects of both the COVID pandemic and the Ukraine war continue to impact supply and supply chains, driving up our logistics costs drastically. Apart from the assumption that the CO2 levy will continue to increase, our general energy costs are on a historic high. In addition, our logistic partners have also raised their prices. Especially the costs for packaging material such as palettes and film have changed. The price for palettes has almost doubled and we have noted an increase of 30% in price for packaging foil. We are anticipating these as long-term price changes.

Besides these aspects the increased fuel prices due to the Ukraine war and the shortage of drivers are putting a strain on our supply chains and a decrease in costs is not foreseeable at the moment.

Please understand that due to the aforementioned short- and long-term effects, we have decided to increase our route-independent logistics surcharge to  3.25€/100kg as of June 01, 2022.

This surcharge will be automatically applied to all offers and orders of TER Hell & Co. GmbH and TER Ingredients GmbH & Co. KG with a delivery starting from the 1st of June 2022 onwards.

With kind regards

Andreas Früh
CEO - TER Chemicals Distribution Group