Liquid conditioners

TER Chemicals is continuously expanding its product portfolio to meet the increasing consumer demand for innovative ingredients. We are proud to have found a new partner for the Life Science business unit in Gräfe Chemie to complement the cosmetics portfolio. Read on and be inspired by the diversity of products!

Liquid conditioners for skin and hair care

Renewable raw materials

AMYLOMER™ products use natural raw material sources such as potato and rice starch. These are obtained in a resource-conserving manner and further processed in low-energy and low-waste manufacturing processes. The results are liquid, easy-to-process and highly effective conditioning agents for a wide variety of hair and skin care formulations.

Properties that make formulators and users happy

The liquid, easy-to-use AMYLOMER™ products are cold processable and can be used in any production step. They are compatible with a wide range of surfactants and other raw materials. The natural additives can be used in shampoos, conditioners and sprayable hair products across a wide pH range. AMYLOMER™ imparts film-forming properties to your cosmetic formulation without accumulating on the hair, causing an annoying build-up effect. 

AMYLOMER™ products improve foaming behavior, wet and dry combability and reduce electrostatic charge.

The AMYLOMER™ range also shows its great potential in products for use on the body, optimally complementing any shower gel, liquid soaps and also skin creams. The raw materials are so mild that they are even used in baby care. They significantly improve skin hydration and leave skin feeling pleasant and long-lasting.

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