Innovative printing inks

With our extensive portfolio for printing ink production, we offer you efficient and innovative solutions for printing ink applications. Our portfolio encompasses not only inkjet applications but also flexographic and gravure inks, as well as micronized waxes. Read on and allow yourself to be inspired by the diversity of our products!

Our extensive portfolio for printing ink production

Aqueous pigment preparations for inkjet applications

With the Hostajet PT® series, Clariant offers aqueous pigment preparations especially developed for inkjet applications, produced using polymer dispersants and pigments in inkjet quality. Alongside good color strength, the Hostajet PT® products stand out for their narrow particle size distribution and excellent light fastness, including outdoor applications. The preparations are low in viscosity and yet not sensitive to sedimentation. All these qualities make Hostajet PT® pigment preparations suitable for production of state-of-the-art inkjet inks.

Binder for flexographic and gravure inks

Low-viscosity Mowital® grades from Kuraray, such as B 16 H, B 20 H and B 30 H, are popular binders for flexographic and special gravure inks. Mowital® stands out for its excellent adhesion properties to organic and inorganic substrates and exhibits low solvent retention, good flow properties, and high resistance to water and low temperatures. This means that printing inks based on Mowital® are suitable for areas of application such as food and heat-sensitive packaging, printing on foils made of polyolefins, metals, cellulose acetates and much more.

Micronized waxes

Under the label Ceridust, we offer micronized waxes from Clariant with a median particle size < 40 µm. The Ceridust grades are characterized by easy dispersibility in a wide variety of different binders that are commonly used in printing inks. Furthermore, Ceridust improves the pigment distribution and enhances the rheological behavior of the formulated printing ink. The mechanical properties and the slip and abrasion resistance of the printing ink are improved, and it is also possible to achieve a certain gloss or matting effect. Depending on the properties required, Ceridust products are available on a basis of amide waxes, PP, PE and PTFE waxes and blends thereof. We also supply micronized Fischer-Tropsch waxes under the label Vestowax from Evonik.

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