High quality colorants

Vibrant colors provide our everyday products a brilliant radiance and impacts the customer with visual orientation. Whether in shampoo, soap, detergents or all purpose cleaner – colorful products make an impact across all areas. At the same time, colorants can give your products both warm, natural tones and brighter, more vibrant colors. Depending on the area of application, product properties differ, which needs to be taken into account in the choice of colorant. Our partner Colorant Solutions Deutschland GmbH offers the right solution for your application. You, too, can show your true colors and leave a truly colorful impression with your products!

Colorants as dyes, pigments and pigment preparations

We explain the difference

“Colorants” is used as a general term here. Such products can be divided into dyes, pigments and pigment preparations. A dye can be dissolved in other mediums, such as water or other solvents, while pigments come in solid form. They are non-dissolvable and must be dispersed. Pigment preparations, on the other hand, come as various pigment dispersions.

A variety of applications with Cosmenyl™ 100 

The Cosmenyl™ 100 types are suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from cosmetics to laundry detergents. It doesn’t matter here whether the final product is to be liquid, paste or powder. At the same time, the new, adapted preservation system meets all the regulatory requirements for cosmetic products.

More advantages and applications at a glance:

  • Simple processing
  • The Cosmenyl™ 100 types come as pigment preparations
  • Application in shampoos and soaps,
    - toothpastes,
    - detergents, and
    - liquid and powder cleaning agents

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Sanolin® Lave Liquid

The Sanolin® Lave Liquid types (dyes) are particularly suited to coloring of detergents and washing agents, as well as fabric softeners. Particularly vibrant colors can be achieved without any residues remaining on a variety of surfaces. The color fastness remains across different pH levels.

Curious? Follow Sanolin® Lave Liquid for more information.

Colorants with the EU Ecolabel

Colorants can also be awarded the EU Ecolabel. Whether Cosmenyl™ or Sanolin® – several of these colorants carry the EU Ecolabel as well as other environmental seals. This label is used on consumer goods that have a comparatively low environmental impact and is found primarily on detergents, washing agents, rinse-off cosmetics and dishwasher tablets. Such products can be denoted by the labels Nordic Swan or the Blue Angel as well as the EU Ecolabel.

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