Glycogen for skin

By regulary wearing a face mask, especially in times of Covid-19, our skin is stressed more than usual. The right skincare and suitable cosmetic ingredients can help to influence these negative factors and ensure a healthy complexion.

Glycogen for healthier and younger skin

With increasing age, the body's own supply of energy through glycogen decreases. An external glycogen source positively influences the energy supply of the cells.

Mirexus Inc. is a canadian company that provides a new and sustainable source of vegetable produced glycogen for use in personal care. PhytoSpherix™ represents a natural form of the body's own glycogen, a natural energy storage derived from GMO-free corn.

This unique raw material was discovered by scientists from the University of Guelph, Canada and is produced in Ontario from locally growing raw materials. In addition to increasing cell metabolism, PhytoSpherix™ stimulates hyaluronic acid production as well as collagen production of the skin (In-Vitro). PhytoSpherix™ also provides intensive hydration enhanced by use of hyaluronic acid (In-Vivo).

The application of PhytoSpherix™ reduces redness and hyperpigmentation, skin complexion appears even (In-Vivo).

More benefits:

• PhytoSpherix™ is characterized by its simple processing and applicability
• PhytoSpherix™ is water-soluble, non-ionic, compatible with other ingredients and stable in a broad pH spectrum
• The recommended use concentration is very low: 0.1% - 0.3%
• COSMOS approved

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