Expanded product portfolio

We meet new trends and changes with sustainability and innovation, because change goes hand in hand with responsibility. Effective and cost efficient: The new products are an extension to our existing portfolio, in which many new areas of application and additional advantages can now be explored and highlighted.

Expanded product portfolio

The new expandable graphite with a starting temperature above 270°C 

Until now, the starting temperature of a maximum of 230°C was an exclusion criterion for the use of expandable graphite in high-temperature polymers such as polyamide. With the new generation of expandable graphite GHL PX 95 HT 270, the company LUH in Walluf has launched an expandable graphite quality that only develops its protective effect from 270°C. At the same time, the product parameters of purity, pH value, particle size and expansion volume are stable in the known specification range. Due to the higher starting temperature, expandable graphite can be used for polyamides and applications with processing temperatures of up to 270°C. The fire protection effect of the new expandable graphite quality and its processing in various polymers are being extensively investigated in a research project between the company LUH and the chair for plastics technology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Combinations with different synergists such as MDH and APP as well as further optimization potential of the expandable graphite itself are part of the research project. Samples are already possible and can be arranged through our company.

SureMix: funcitonal process aids from Flow Polymers

In the mechanical rubber goods industry, conventional process aids can compromise performance and durability. They are often used to improve compound processability, yet they can cause equipment fouling and compromise ply and rubber-to-metal adhesion

Introducing a new addition to our portfolio and the SureMix types by Flow Polymers. They represent functional process aids for rubber applications. They are the key to faster, more efficient & lower cost in rubber compound processing. The SureMix functional performance -enhancing process aids enable companies to reduce mixing time to increase their capacity while helping to improve performance and durability.

As sustainability is a very important topic for us as TER Chemicals, an outstanding benefit is the reduction of VOCs and SureMix can enable a 25-35% silane reduction. Due to optimized cure times and lower energy production process, SureMixes from Flow Polymers can greatly contribute to a smaller carbon footprint.

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