Update: Emulsifiers

In the metalworking industry, there is a continuous trend towards further process acceleration with the aim of increasing productivity. The metalworking fluids have to perform under increased technical requirements as well as higher pressure. The higher application pressure also favors the formation of foam in the production process, which generally increases maintenance costs. Under certain circumstances, foaming can even lead to production stoppage.

Multifunctional, label-free, low-foaming emulsifiers

The increased demands on health and environmental protection require continious development of additives.

This is why Clariant has developed the next generation of multifunctional EMULSOGEN MTP emulsifiers, which are characterized by particularly low foaming qualities and the advantage of no classification and labeling.


Emulsogen MTP product range

The EMULSOGEN MTP series comprises the products MTP 020, 030, 070, 090

with the following characteristics:

- No classification and labeling
- WGK 1
- Very low foaming
- high lime soap dispersing capacity
- very good emulsifying effect
- good solubility in mineral oils, vegetable oils and esters
- easier handling at low temperatures
- global registration

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