Efficient processing aids

With our extensive portfolio of versatile applications, we offer you efficient process auxiliaries. Our portfolio includes not only stabilizers, coalescing and wetting agents for paints and coatings, but also innovative foam control solutions. Read on and be inspired by the versatility of our products!

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Our extensive portfolio for versatile applications

Diverse processing aids from Clariant

Hostavin® is used as a light-stabilizing agent in plastics, coatings and various other applications. They are UV absorbers and HALS, which prevent damages caused by solar radiation due to their properties.  With the Hostastat® product line from Clariant, we offer antistatic agents to prevent static charges on plastic surfaces in order to reduce dust attraction and spark discharge at the surface. Hostanox® is used as an antioxidant that reduces thermo-oxidative degradation of polymers and the development of undesired coloring and yellowing of the product.

Defoamer from DyStar

DyStar Foam Control offers a full line of foam control solutions for food grade applications, various water treatments (e.g. seawater desalination) and many types of coatings.

They are silicone and non-silicone based defoamers with excellent consistency, performance and reliability.

Typical applications:

  • inks and printing inks
  • sealants and adhesives
  • plastic recycling
  • hardware store cement and putty
  • architectural coatings
  • soaps and detergents
  • food production

Your application with your requirements decides on the selection of the right product.

Sustainable solutions from Clariant for paints and coatings

Wetting agents from Clariant provide various advantages when used in paints and coatings. They’re used in water and solvent borne formulations to increase compatibility with pigments and subsequently tinting strength and rub resistance. They also improve the wetting on different substrates and freeze-thaw resistance in colder regions.

Innovative stabilizers like Dispersogen SP Plus® improve the rheological behavior of biocide-free organosilicate paints and make them easier to apply. Coalescing agents reduce minimal film formation temperature (MFFT) of paint binders and support film formation.

We offer a broad selection of wetting agents from Clariant that exhibit low VOC/SVOC content and Ecolabel suitability besides their outstanding performance – please contact us for a recommendation.

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