Eco-friendly solution

Most people associate collagen or collagen peptides with healthy, youthful skin. Nevertheless, this highly versatile protein offers many other benefits that may not be apparent at first glance. The protein-based additive NOVOTEC® CB800 has been used in professional vehicle cleaning solutions for a long time. On top of that, it can also enhance the performance of a new generation of water-based surface cleaners.

Eco-friendly solution for innovative surface cleaning

Easy-to-clean thanks to hydrophilic surface protection

NOVOTEC® CB800 is a groundbreaking, highly effective and eco-friendly solution for all kinds of household and industrial cleaners. The gelatin hydrolysate, which is in a liquid form and thus ready to use, consists of functional proteins and facilitates the removal of oils, fats, rust, and even moss and algae from surfaces without leaving any residues. This additive is able to enhance both newly developed products and existing formulations.

After a surface has been cleaned, the proteins form a hydrophilic protective layer on it by reducing surface tension. This results in improved wettability and thus allows pH-neutral formulas to be created. The film protects the surface from further soiling and ensures it can be easily washed with water later thanks to the easy-to-clean effect. The treated surface will also gain a lustrous appearance.

Other advantages at a glance

  • Natural polymer
  • Fully biodegradable (compliant with the EU Ecolabel)
  • Allergen-free
  • Enables formulas with a mild pH value (skin and environmentally friendly)
  • Synergistic effects with surfactants
  • Cost savings due to decreased use of other chemicals and water consumption
  • Indirect reduction in corrosion (effective surface protection)
  • Prolongs the time between cleaning (time saving for consumers) 

More information on NOVOTEC® CB800

The NOVOTEC® effect: Win-win for humans and the environment

Due to the positive effects of NOVOTEC® CB800 the efficiency and sustainability is highly improved. This additive can significantly help to lower costs by decreasing the use of chemicals and water. It reduces the amount of soiling and therefore the frequency of cleaning is prolonged. This effect satisfies not only the environment, but also the consumer: from now on, he has more time for other things.

Fun fact: The Luxembourg National Railway Company (CFL) reported a 90% decrease in freshwater consumption in its train wash facilities after introducing a pH-neutral biological cleaning system based on NOVOTEC® CB800.

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