Defoamer product range

Unwanted foam formation can occur in almost all industrial production processes. To prevent this and thus not jeopardize the efficiency of the processes, you should use a high-quality defoamer. With our products, you will be able to control foam formation optimally in the future by avoiding it in time or by destroying foam that has formed as quickly as possible. Find out more!

An overview of our high-quality defoamers

Defoamers from the Terfoguard product range

Disruptive foam in the production process can be caused by a variety of different factors. Both, biological and physical processes and chemical reactions produce foam, which can negatively influence the quality and grade of a workpiece. Reducing the surface tension of the air-liquid interface destroys the foam that has formed and thus improves the onward production process. 

The multitude of causes behind foam formation also calls for a multitude of defoamers with different chemical characteristics. Our Terfoguard range of products covers almost the entire spectrum of areas of application:

  • As a formulation ingredient for effective foam control in paints, coatings and cleaning agents
  • For foam reduction and prevention in food processing operations with natural-based foam-inhibiting active ingredients
  • Biodegradable defoamers made using plant oils as an alternative to mineral or silicone oils
  • Highly effective antifoam agents for PET recycling, metal recycling and water treatment

With our digital and interactive product finder, selecting the right defoamers for your application becomes a whole lot easier. Based on your individual requirements, our product finder identifies a suitable defoamer quickly and effectively. Costly and time-consuming on-site trials that used to be necessary are reduced to a minimum.

Click HERE to test our product finder and find a suitable defoamer for your requirements.

What’s new in the area of disinfection?

KYROSAN for cooling towers

With rising outside temperatures, the cooling towers, evaporative cooling systems and wet separators in many industrial plants and power stations are being ramped up again. Here, water treatment to ensure optimum cooling water quality is at the heart of a trouble-free cooling tower system.

The moist climate inside the cooling tower provides optimum growth conditions for slime-forming bacteria and fungi. These biofilm deposits not only reduce energy transfer and thus the efficiency of the process, but also enable pathogenic bacteria to form, posing a risk to the health of employees. For water preparation and thus to prevent the abovementioned undesirable biofilm formation, we offer the oxidizing biocide KYROSAN, which scores points for its efficient and advantageous cooling water disinfection.

KYROSAN works like a strong disinfectant, reliably combating microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae even in low concentration ranges. Legionella in particular are effectively eliminated according to DIN EN 13623, even with economical application quantities. KYROSAN is based on the active agent chlorine dioxide and, as a broad-spectrum biocide, supports the hygienic operation of cooling towers, recooling plants and evaporative cooling systems in accordance with the VDI 2047-2 guideline and the 42nd Federal Immission Protection Ordinance.

The product can be used within a broad temperature and pH range and scores points for its ease of use. It is supplied as a single liquid component that allows chlorine dioxide to be formed directly in the cooling water and, as an additional benefit, bacterial resistance is excluded even with long-term use of KYROSAN.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Very high active content, economical dosage
  • Effective cleaning of biofilms and microorganisms in all kinds of industrial water
  • Highly effective against legionella pursuant to DIN EN 13623
  • No development of resistance, no change of biocide necessary
  • Non-flammable, non-explosive and therefore meets the highest operational safety requirements
  • Stable in storage for at least six months
  • The installation of a chlorine dioxide plant or the mixing of a stock solution from two components is completely eliminated
  • Supports hygienic operation pursuant to VDI 2047-2 and the 42nd Federal Immission Protection Ordinance

Introducing the TERquest product range

The TERquest products are synergistic formulations based on phosphonate compounds for effective prevention of mineral deposits in aqueous systems. Application of the products from the TERquest series helps to keep cations in solution which would otherwise result in mineral deposits on the internal walls of the liquid-carrying elements. The deposits prevent efficient energy exchange between the system and the environment.

Areas of application for phosphonates include detergents and cleaning agents as water hardness stabilizers, as well as cooling water systems and desalination plants as antiscalants. Furthermore, TERquest products are also available in drinking water quality and are used not only in the treatment of water-bearing systems, but also in the conditioning of the feed water of reverse osmosis systems.

We offer a broad range of phosphonates for various areas of application (e.g. ATMP, HEDP, DTPMP, PBTC) and will be happy to send you more product information or samples for test purposes.

ClaroDES for surface- and room air disinfection

ClaroDES is a liquid broad-spectrum biocide with excellent disinfection properties. Due to the oxidative effect, pathogens are reliably inactivated and there is no need for wiping or rinsing. The ready-to-use water-based preparation is used for hygienic disinfection of water-resistant surfaces and indoor air in public buildings, factory buildings, airports, commercial kitchens, sanitary facilities, households and other areas. Its effectiveness has been confirmed by independent laboratories pursuant to EN13624, EN13727, EN13697, EN14476 and EN1500. In addition, the product is gentle on materials, contains no skin-irritating or flammable alcohols, no ecologically poorly degradable ammonium compounds and is free of heavy metals such as copper or silver ions. The pH value is in the neutral range between 7 and 8.5, and ClaroDES has been rated “very good” in the Dermatest report. Initial trials suggest that ClaroDES could also be used to disinfect indoor air and thus to treat warehouses, supermarkets and other indoor spaces.

Special qualities:

  • Short contact time, broad antimicrobial spectrum of activity
  • Virucidal against non-enveloped/enveloped viruses incl. coronaviruses (SARS-CoV-2) according to EN14776
  • Bactericidal, including Listeria monocytogenes pursuant to EN 13697
  • Meets the highest requirements of occupational safety
  • Suitable for surfaces in contact with foodstuffs (approved for PT 4 – Food and Feed)
  • Free of allergens and fragrances

Environmentally friendly flocculant TER Floc:

The TER Floc product range comprises natural and biodegradable flocculation aids obtained from renewable raw materials in a CO2-neutral production process. TER Floc thus conforms with the highest sustainability requirements and is the green alternative to synthetically produced polymers based on acrylamide. The products are available in both granulated and liquid form with cationic and anionic charges.

Our TER Floc products are used for the clarification of industrial and waste water and, due to their special properties, are particularly suitable for applications downstream of agricultural utilization or to make waste water treatment processes more sustainable.

Ecological advantages of our starch-based flocculants:

  • Solvent-free, oil-free and free of emulsifiers
    → Low impact on the environment and lower risk to staff in laboratory testing
  • Made with plant-based raw materials in a CO2-neutral process
    → Small carbon footprint since production is also CO2-neutral
  • Free of microplastics

We will be happy to send you more product information or samples for test purposes.

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