Calfax product range

Are you looking for emulsifiers that are perfectly suited to emulsion polymerization? Our Calfax product range, based on diphenyl oxide disulfonate (DPOS), is exactly the right choice for you! When you use the Calfax products, you achieve high-quality latex dispersions with a very narrow particle size distribution, permitting high-quality film formation. Read on to find out more!

Excellent anionic emulsifier based on DPOS

The Calfax product range is notable for its very low CMC value and very good monomer stabilization, but most of all it offers outstanding resilience in acidic, alkaline, and electrolyte environments.

What else is new?

Despite the ongoing strained supply situation, the following products are available for you once again in limited quantities:

Calcium sulfonates

  • Noxoluc PSO 400 (overbased sulfonate TBN 400)
  • Noxoluc PSO 310 (overbased sulfonate TBN 300)
  • Noxoluc PSN 30 (neutral sulfonate TBN 30)

Ter Glyme DMM

  • A dipropylene-glycol-dimethyl-based product
  • For use as an inert solvent and alternative to NMP / NEP, e.g. for surface or paint and coatings applications

Further product information and samples are available on request. Feel free to contact us!

Note on the availability of phosphoric acid esters

Current supply difficulties with yellow phosphorus from China have impacted thus far on the availability of phosphoric acid esters.

The supply difficulties continue until further notice. We ask you to submit individual requests for deliveries.

TER Chemicals is a distributor of the HORDAPHOS product range by the manufacturer Clariant, among other things.

Do you have any further questions? We would be happy to present these and our other products to you on the telephone or by email.

You are welcome to contact us!

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