All-rounder: gum rosin

As a reliable partner by your side, TER Chemicals wants to work with you to make the planet a better place. That’s why we focus not only on major customers but also on smaller customers with innovative applications. As one of the world’s leading traders in natural resins, we aim to use our expertise to help find answers to current and future requirements in the industries. Curious? Then read on.

Working today for the generation of tomorrow

Natural product: gum rosin

Gum rosin (also known as colophonium) is a natural product obtained through distillation of tree resin. It is characterized by a transparent shimmering color ranging from light yellow to dark brown. Gum rosin has the ideal prerequisites to replace synthetic and, in some cases, environmentally harmful raw materials. People have known about the importance of gum rosin since as far back as Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt.

With gum rosin as a binding agent for lacquers and natural dyes, you can join us in making a significant contribution to a more colorful and diverse world. Our portfolio incorporates products with a huge variety of origins, from Asia, South America, and Europe. Thanks to our global networking and diverse warehouse locations, we always have the opportunity to react quickly and flexibly to current movements in the market.

This makes gum rosin not only an ecological, but also an economically valuable raw material.

Where is gum rosin used?

The areas in which gum rosin is used vary widely, and we want to work with you to find new applications and further expand existing ones. Gum rosin is used directly and indirectly in:

  • Production of paints for road markings,
  • Printing inks,
  • Adhesives,
  • Hot-melts,
  • Rubber,
  • Sealants,
  • Formulations for flooring adhesives,
  • Wood treatment products,
  • Linoleum,
  • Soldering pastes and chewing gum paste.

Further advantages of gum rosin

Gum rosin stabilizes, binds, and increases the adhesive effect or accelerates drying. But this does not even begin to cover its many possible applications. Let’s redefine them together as we work continually on exploring and optimizing new applications for balsamic resin.

We offer gum rosin in different varieties: as a block in a steel drum, crushed goods in a sack or as flakes or beads in a paper sack.

Due to stricter emissions controls and the limited availability of petroleum-based raw materials, there is a growing demand for gum rosin as an entirely renewable raw material.

We look forward to hearing from you and to constructive, innovative discussions.

Andreas Strube
Head of BU Performance Chemicals

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