Additives for metalworking

With our new special additives for metalworking, we offer you efficient solutions for component cleaning and surface processing. Our portfolio includes wetting agents, cleaning surfactants, corrosion inhibitors for acidic and alkaline formulations, hydrotropes, and neutralizing agents. Read on and allow yourself to be inspired by the diversity of our products!

Latest portfolio additions for even better performance

Additives for metal cleaning segment

Our new special additives stand for reliability. They offer you incomparable protection against corrosive processes in metalworking.

Here is a selection of our surfactants and corrosion inhibitors:


  • Genapol UD 080 (fatty alcohol ethoxylate – non-ionic): Very good cleaning surfactant, also suitable for acidic mediums
  • Genapol EP 0244 (alcohol alkoxylate – non-ionic): Low-foaming surfactant, fast wetting of various substrates
  • Hordaphos CC series (phosphoric acid ester – anionic): Very good cleaning performance and limescale dissolving capacity in acidic formulations, good wetting effect and therefore only low addition of further surfactants necessary – the special cleaning booster

Reliable corrosion protection

  • Hordaphos MDGB (phosphoric acid ester): Corrosion protection in acidic formulations, reduces the corrosiveness of mineral acids, also very good cleaning performance
  • Hostacor IT / Hostacor 2732 (acyl amido carbolic acid): Corrosion inhibitor neutralized with amine for alkaline formulations, phosphorous-free, good hard water stability
  • Hostaphat OPS 30 / Hostaphat OPS 75E (octane phosphonic acid): Very good corrosion protection in alkaline formulations for steel / aluminum; zinc and various alloys, additional function as a hydrotrope

Expansion of the portfolio

TER Chemicals is not only continually expanding its sales network in Europe, but is also developing its existing portfolio with regular incorporation of new products.

Our product range now includes:

Benzoic acid

    • Quality:                             Food and technical
    • Packaging:                         25 kg bags / pallets of 1,000 kg
    • Typical applications:         Greases and lubricants
    • Available in:                      All of Europe


    • Quality:                             Powder and granulate
    • Packaging:                        25 kg bags / on pallets of 1,000 kg
    • Typical applications:         Non-ferrous metal inhibitor
    • Available in:                      All of Europe

Calcium Sulfonate TBN 400

    • Quality:                             Overbased TBN 400
    • Packaging:                         225 kg barrel, on pallets of 900 kg, 1000 kg IBC

Are you concerned about product shortages?

Shortages of various raw materials are a major issue within the industry. Shipments from Asia, the USA and other parts of the world, but also within Europe, are continually presenting new challenges for supply chains.

Our Surface and Lubricant Technology business unit offers to work out a framework contract and keep stocks of goods, exclusively for you, so that supply chains can be maintained wherever possible.

You, too, could benefit from our back-up inventory kept – feel free to get in touch with us.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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