A gift from the deep sea

Man has always dreamed of eternal youth and beauty. Even in her time, Cleopatra tried to counteract the transience of her beauty. Unfortunately, our everyday life and environmental influences mean the skin is exposed to oxidative stress, which can lead to premature aging. Get one step closer to the dream of youthful beauty with the power active ingredient superoxide dismutase (SOD).

For healthy and radiant skin

About superoxide dismutase (SOD)

SOD is the strongest antioxidant enzyme found in the body. It neutralizes free radicals and thus prevents the visible signs of skin aging. And what’s even better, it can help to repair existing signs. Its anti-inflammatory and skin-repairing effects have been scientifically proven, and it is widely recognized that superoxide dismutase has the ability to protect the skin from harmful environmental influences and strengthen its immunity. This promotes a youthful complexion as well as resilience in the skin.

Use of cosmetics containing SOD can compensate for the age-related decrease in the body’s own production and the resulting increased oxidative stress in skin. In addition, SOD fights hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage, as well as age spots and acne spots, and thus helps to ensure an even complexion. It also supports the strengthening of the skin’s immune system overall.

The magic enzyme

Our SOD is derived from organisms living in the deep sea. The extreme conditions prevailing there ensure that it is naturally stable and highly temperature-resistant. It can also withstand extreme pH values. SOD available on the market is often of low activity, but the superoxide dismutase produced by our partner is obtained through fermentation and has an especially high activity of at least 50,000 U/g. The powdered raw material has a long shelf life at room temperature and can be easily incorporated into any cosmetic formulation.

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Head of BU Life Science

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