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PGPR / E476

Polyglycerol polyricinoleate

Polyglycerin-Polyricinoleat, commonly known as E476 or PGPR, is a food additive that plays a crucial role in the food industry. It is a synthetic emulsifier used in various food products to improve their texture and stability. This compound is identified by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number 29894-35-7 and has the chemical formula C57H104O9..

Polyglycerin-Polyricinoleat is in most cases considered vegetarian. It is a synthetic emulsifier derived from glycerol and castor bean oil, with no direct animal-derived ingredients.


What is PGPR used for in the food industry?

Polyglycerin-Polyricinoleat is used in the food industry to improve the texture and stability of various products. It serves as an emulsifier, helping to mix ingredients that would otherwise separate, such as water and oil. This is particularly valuable in the production of chocolate and other confectionery items, where it helps prevent the cocoa butter from separating and forming unsightly white streaks on the surface of the chocolate. Additionally, PGPR is used in conjunction with other emulsifiers like lecithin to achieve the desired texture and consistency in food products.

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