Titanium dioxide as slurry

Titanium dioxide is an important white pigment for a variety of products. The titanium dioxide slurries now available in our range represent an innovative further development and enhancement for you. Our business partner KRONOS TITAN GmbH manufactures various product types that ensure not only outstanding storage stability but also maximum compatibility with minimum additive content. Have the titanium dioxide slurries piqued your interest? Find out more about how they are used and the benefits they offer!

What is a titanium dioxide slurry?

Titanium dioxide is a chemical slurry that scores points particularly for its ultra-white coloring. Titanium dioxide, or TiO2 for short, can therefore scatter and reflect light, is resistant to UV light and can absorb it at the same time. Titanium dioxide slurry is a suspension (expansion) of one pigment in water. With the incorporation of additives (e.g. wetting agent and dispersant, rheological agent and preservatives), the simple suspension becomes a stable dispersion. We supply titanium dioxide slurries exclusively for the german markets.

These are some of the product types (not exhaustive):

Were you unable to find what you were looking for? No problem! If the product types in the range are not suitable, then we will be happy to check for you whether other slurries can be produced according to your requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

Here you can find information on the categorization of titanium dioxide

All the benefits of slurries at a glance

• No problems with particulates
• Outstanding storage stability 
• Maximum compatibility with minimum additive content
• Increase in capacity without investments in new production units
• No handling of powder, no pigment sachets, less waste disposal
• Even and predictable color strength
• Reduction of storage space, raw material stocks and complexity
• Follow-up corrections easily possible
• For security of supply, we offer a long-term trading agreement for slurry shipments 
• Slurry production capacity available
• On request, we can support you with technical expertise (e.g. implementing production with slurries) 
• We support you with formulation expertise 
• The biocidal packaging can be adapted on request

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