As an experienced and innovative partner to the cosmetics industry, TER Chemicals offers you a comprehensive portfolio of raw materials, active- and natural ingredients. We make sure to adapt early to market trends and regulations. Today we would like to present our latest additions to our emollients and natural ingredients portfolio.

Plantasens® Flash

The application of certain silicone emollients is becoming increasingly controversial as these ingredients remain permanently in our environment. Up to January 2020 new regulations will apply to the ingredient Cyclopentasiloxane (D5). Out of this problem suitable alternatives are urgently needed.

To support the sustainable and environmental consumer concerns we offer a comprehensive range of alternatives to the classical Silicone Emollients. The latest product launch is:

Plantasens® Flash is a product line based on a new manufacturing technology. This allows the production of plant- based alkanes and produces a similar better ecological profile.

Plantasens® Flash 80 is characterized by its lightness and provides a velvety non-glossy finish.

Plantasens® Flash 100 is particularly suitable for airy textures.


TER Chemicals continuously expands its portfolio to address the increasing consumer demand for natural ingredients that combine consumer health aspects with environmental awareness. We are proud that with Renmatix Inc. we found new innovate partner offering a new multifunctional ingredient:

Celltice™ is a botanical multifunctional ingredient based on cellulose and lignin components of the red maple.

Key benefits:

  • Gently Fosters Skin Health
  • Protects Against Environment Stress
  • Enables Indulgent Textures

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