Gum turpentine oil

Raw materials competence for gum turpentine oil expanded to fragrance chemicals.

TER Chemicals is making use of its decades of experience in the procurement and supply of gum rosin and gum turpentine oil and is expanding its range in the area of raw materials for the fragrance industry.

If you ever pluck a pine needle and rub it between your fingers, the intense aroma is reminiscent of relaxation and nature. This soothing scent is created by terpenes, which form the basis of many aromatic molecules. The colorless essential oil is extracted as a by-product through the steam distillation of crude gum rosin from pine trees. The pine trees are cultivated on extensive plantations until, after 15 years they are ready for harvesting.

In line with our vision of being your “Chemical Distributor Of Choice”, we go one step further with our range of fragrance chemicals. Alongside the basic materials of gum turpentine oil and terpenes, we also offer various fragrance chemicals specifically for the flavour and fragrance industry. You can find an overview of our expanded fragrance chemicals range here!

From perfume, cosmetics and oral hygiene applications to cleaning products and detergents: They all contain fragrance chemicals. A large proportion of all aromatic molecules now used in the flavour and fragrance industry are based on the raw material of turpentine oil and are therefore obtained using natural resources. Alongside its wide variety of uses, the longevity of turpentine oil means it also supports the product category of aromatic molecules, and it aligns with the trend and the demand for “green chemistry”.

In addition to this, TER Chemicals’ product portfolio now also includes essential oils like citric or orange oil. You can find an overview of our expanded range here!