Vitamins for vegan food

In the context of vegan nutrition, the variety of products containing vitamins is emphasized. The growing demand for vegan foods, driven by health awareness, environmental protection, and animal welfare, is leading to innovations among manufacturers. At TER Chemicals, we pay attention to the high quality of our vitamin raw materials to meet the needs of various consumer groups. Keep reading and learn more!

Benefit from our vitamins for your vegan food

What you should know about vitamins

Vitamins, naturally occurring as organic molecules, are essential to the human organism. They are involved in small quantities but are crucial for the proper metabolic function of the human body. These essential nutrients cannot be synthesized in the organism in sufficient quantities for survival and must be obtained through the diet.

Vitamins exhibit diverse biochemical functionality. Deficient intake of vitamins can potentially cause clinically significant illnesses.

With the common acknowledgment of the functionality of vitamins, scientific research, and market development for vitamins in food and feed supplements, especially in the field of nutritional fortification, have been booming worldwide.

Vitamins in vegan nutrition

The products containing vitamins exhibit a wide variety in our daily lives, and with the continuous refinement of market demand, vitamin nutritional fortification has become essential for many special groups of consumers.

A prime example is Vegan Food, particularly in the European market. The demand for vegan foods has been expanding rapidly, propelled by factors such as health consciousness, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare concerns. Consumers are actively seeking plant-based alternatives that not only match the taste, texture, and convenience of animal-derived products but also provide comparable nutritional benefits.

Vegan food manufacturers are not only innovating to create products that appeal to consumers in terms of taste, texture, and convenience but also giving equal importance to meeting nutritional requirements. With the growing popularity of veganism, there is an increased emphasis on fortifying plant-based foods with essential vitamins to ensure they meet recommended dietary allowances. Vitamins such as B12, D, and calcium are particularly crucial due to their potential shortfall in vegan diets.

Our high-quality vitamin raw materials

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin crucial for metabolism. Humans require it as a cofactor in DNA synthesis, fatty acid metabolism, and amino acid metabolism. Being the most chemically complex of all vitamins, it is unique in that it must be sourced from animal-derived foods or supplements.

Obtaining sufficient Vitamin D from a complete vegan diet can also pose challenges. Vitamin D fortification is not limited to vegan food supplements; it is widely used as a supplement to compensate for sun exposure deficiency, especially in North Europe.

The application of nutritional fortification for individual vitamins, such as B12 and Vitamin D, along with other vitamins, is gaining increasing attention in the market. At TER Chemicals, we closely align ourselves with the market development of the entire vitamin series. We supply a full range of high-quality vitamin raw materials to ensure the production of refined end products that meet the demands of diverse end-user groups.

Our portfolio offers many other vitamins. Feel free to contact us with your questions or comments. We look forward to hearing from you!

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