The power of cellulose

Cellulose is the most abundant organic material on earth. The demand for natural, environmentally compatible products is growing all the time, and the Valida range represents cellulose in a sustainable form. Valida is a genuine, natural alternative for products in the cosmetics and home care segments. Read on and be inspired by the diversity of its potential applications!

The miracle of a natural formulation

How does Valida work?

The Valida product range contains the smallest cellulose components, so-called cellulose fibrils. Dispersed in water, the fibrils form a stable, three-dimensional cellulose fiber network in which particles or droplets are physically bound.

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Application and properties of Valida

Valida can be used in a huge variety of product applications. Thanks to its thixotropic flow behavior, Valida enables the formulation of sprayable systems that do not run after spraying. This can, for example, prolong the adhesion of cleaners to a surface and boost cleaning performance. Valida is biodegradable, can replace microplastics in formulations and is partly COSMOS compliant.

Valida in cosmetic products

  • Stabilizes the formulation without increasing viscosity
  • Stabilization of sensitive active agents, such as UV filters and DHA
  • Keeps particles or pigments in suspension
  • Improves pick-up in emulsions
  • Proven to increase the SPF of sunscreens with physical and chemical UV filters
  • Improves spreadability without causing soaping
  • Creates a light, silky feel on the skin
  • Boosts skin hydration thanks to excellent water retention

Valida in home care products

  • Stabilizes the formulation without affecting viscosity
  • Stable in extreme pH ranges and solvent-based systems
  • Film-forming properties, improves scratch resistance
  • Creates a creamy and denser foam in products containing surfactants
  • Keeps particles suspended, improves dispersions
  • Synergistic effect with thickeners such as xanthan gum and carbomer

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Valida and the fibrillar cellulose content

The content of fibrillar cellulose is a crucial part of the processing of Valida to ensure the best use of the product properties. The Valida products are available as paste (8 % fibrillar cellulose) and gel (3 % fibrillar cellulose). What is the best way to process the cellulose suspensions?

To the Valida Dispersion Guidelines.

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