Water disinfection

Clean drinking water is not only vital for humans. Disinfection of drinking water also plays an important role in the livestock farming of poultry, pigs and cattle. With KYROSAN and KyroCAPS, TER Chemicals offers innovative solutions based on chlorine dioxide to meet water hygiene challenges.

Disinfection of drinking water for animal livestock with chlorine dioxide

Why disinfection?

In animal husbandry, drinking water supply is often provided by closed and widely branched piping systems, in which germs and pathogens are provided with an optimal breeding ground without regular disinfection measures. This is not only affecting the health of the animal population and thus optimal breeding successes, but also indirectly the health of humans, since the increased use of antibiotics has a negative effect on the quality of meat. 

Many farmers have recognized that high stock health is of great importance in reducing costs arising from influenceable factors such as drug requirements and mortality rates.  

Why chlorine dioxide?

For this reason, agricultural users have been relying on the proven active ingredient chlorine dioxide for many years in order to disinfect drinking water and pipe systems. Chlorine dioxide, with its high efficacy against 99.9% of all animal pathogenic germs, has a wider range of effects than e. g. chlorine, is approved as a disinfectant in accordance with the German Drinking Water Ordinance and does suppress any microbiological resistances. In the dosage quantities applied, it is also highly effective and does not affect the smell, taste or pH of the water.

Due to the special properties of chlorine dioxide, the active ingredient also reaches hard-to-reach spots in the water distribution system and effectively removes existing deposits ("biofilms") from surfaces that serve as a breeding ground for dangerous microorganisms. 


With KYROSAN and KyroCAPS, TER Chemicals offers two product innovations for the production of chlorine dioxide in water, which have numerous advantages over existing solutions.

KYROSAN is a single-component liquid formulation that produces the powerful active ingredient chlorine dioxide in drinking water quality by adding it to water directly and without activation time.

A previous blending of chemicals, as with conventional systems, is no longer necessary so that the dosage is carried out in just one application step directly from the original container. KYROSAN is therefore ideally suited for an easy and continuous dosage in closed drinking water systems.

The portfolio is complemented by the patented KyroCAPS, which produce chlorine dioxide from a capsule and are used to disinfect open drinking water containers. Due to the special formulation, the user never gets in contact with hazardous substances and can easily and safely add the capsule to the container and remove it after the disinfection measure has been completed. The principle of application can be figuratively compared to a tea bag.

Please feel free to contact us and find out how you can use our innovative solutions.

Harald Dettmers
Head of Business Unit Water Chemicals