Anyone who is successful in society should give something back to it.

Big companies have a responsibility to society. That’s something we’re convinced of – and it dictates our actions. Hence TER Chemicals supports selected social projects in and around its home base of Hamburg: the Stiftung Mittagskinder, which offers free and regular meals to children in disadvantaged areas of the city, as well as help with homework and socio-pedagogical support; and the Verein Joblinge e.V., which supports young people aged 15 to 24 who are struggling to get started in the world of work. Other institutions we support include the Evangelisch-Lutherische Matthäusgemeinde religious community, Friends of Britain, the Brandschutz Kinderfeuerwehr children’s fire safety organization, Friends of Hamburg School of Business Administration, and the Kita Sunshine nursery.


Social involvement: Childrens' Lunch Foundation

Menschen - Stiftung Mittagskinder

TER Chemicals is well aware of its social responsibility and for that reason has been supporting selected social programs in and around Hamburg for many years. For example, TER HELL & CO. GMBH also supports the Childrens' Lunch Foundation.

Through donations and volunteer work, the Childrens' Lunch Foundation provides regular, free meals and professional care to socially disadvantaged children, helping to make their life just a little bit easier. This promotes an exchange on equal footing and opens a space for creative design and free-form play activities. Numerous educational projects take place to facilitate the children's participation in social and public life.

On the foundation's website, we are proud to present our lunch children as musicians, circus performers and explorers:

TER Chemicals intends to maintain its social responsibility in future, and to contribute towards helping socially disadvantaged people.



Social involvement: Supporting young people


In addition to the little ones, we also support the bigger ones. Joblinge e.V. supports young people with difficulties in starting their professional life. The association helps young people between the ages of 15 and 24 who are unable to find a job on their own, recognize their own potential and create prospects for themselves. Often the young people come from difficult social backgrounds and know neither role models nor sense of achievements in school. In addition to organizing internships and apprenticeships, Joblinge e.V. is important to ensure that integration in the labor market is sustainable and long-term. Participate, encourage and make dreams come true are the keywords at


Social involvement: Contributing to education

Friends and Sponsors of the HSBA

The Association of Friends and Sponsors of HSBA e.V. was founded on April 8, 2010 in the City Campus Chamber of Commerce. The aim is to further develop the HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration into one of the leading private business schools by expanding networking with business, international contacts and student initiatives. TER Chemicals is proud to be part of this association and to contribute to the education of current and future students.