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TER Chemicals appoints new management for TER Nordic

Hamburg / Jan 1st, 2018 – TER Chemicals Distribution Group announces the appointment of managing directors Mr. Casper Clausen and Mr. Emmanuel Kann-Tsavaris to lead TER Nordic ApS into the future.

Andreas Früh, CEO TER Chemicals, states: “The managerial change comes in light of the new strategy, driven by the momentum we have witnessed within the Nordic region in 2017. We as the management board are very satisfied with the development of TER NORDIC, as it exceeds our initial market expectations within the set timeline. Within phase one of our strategy, reputable principles have already assigned their distribution rights to our new subsidiary, allowing us to further expand the business model. The local team, led by a young and dynamic management, consists of renowned key industry personnel which are highly motivated to leave a substantial footprint in the Nordics.”
The portfolio of TER NORDIC will focus on applications within the industries of Plastics, Rubber, Construction and Paints & Coatings, as well as Food & Feed and generate growth within Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.
In line with the growth, the company has moved to a new address in the heart of Odense:  TER NORDIC ApS, Kochsgade 31D, 2nd Floor, 5000 Odense C, Denmark

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"Heavy Polluters" abandoned in China

In fact China's environmental autorities have shut down ten thousands of factories with no end in sight.

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My job? Solving puzzles.

Interview with Jason Yao.

When it comes to technical sales you cannot simply follow a routine process that will satisfy all your customers. Jason Yao, Sales Manager at TER Hong Kong, can tell you a thing or two about it. We met with Jason to find out how he came to TER Chemicals and what challenges he is facing in his day-to-day business.

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